Dental Hygiene is an important part of keeping healthy at all times. But especially now when preventative dental care is suspended while we all stay home to avoid exposure to COVID-19. And while it can be a rollercoaster of many different emotions and experiences staying home as a family during this experience, you can make the most of it by helping your kids find fun ways to keep themselves healthy. Here are 7 ways to make dental hygiene fun for kids while you all navigate life as a family at home.

1. Make It a Game

Help your kids develop healthy habits of doing the things they should in ways that engage and encourage them! Sing songs, make silly games, and fun routines built around dental hygiene. Do it together as a family, and make some memories while you’re at it! Dental hygiene fun for kids AND parents!

2. Spring for That Toothbrush

There are many options for toothbrush gadgets that help teach your kids to brush thoroughly, and for the right length of time, keeping them engaged and making it fun! Now is a good time to go ahead and order a Colgate Magik or Playbrush. Both are affordable options that make dental hygiene fun for kids.

3. Keep a Sense of Normalcy

Keep your routines when it comes to oral health and dental hygiene. Incorporate new ideas into old habits, so that your kids can enjoy the comfort of the familiar and the fun of the new.

4. Let Them Choose

Include your kids in ordering your toothpaste and toothbrush, so they can be invested in their own dental hygiene, and feel proud of the choices they are making.

5. Incentivize Good Hygiene

Offer your kids rewards for a job well done. Incorporate incentives with the use of a sticker chart or app that can keep track of your child’s diligent dental hygiene.

6. Get Creative!

Don’t be afraid to make the tooth fairy extra special when they lose a tooth. We all need just a little extra fun right now while we are all cozy in our homes. Help them find excitement in the milestones while you’re all together and go the extra mile with a special tooth pillow you make together, or an extra special gift from the tooth fairy.

7. Immerse Them in Stories

Find books or Stories about tooth brushing and flossing. Popular children’s shows often include special episodes on health and hygiene and a quick search on google can help you find if your child’s favorite show has something to reinforce ideas you’re teaching about dental hygiene. Making dental hygiene fun for kids can also include books ready by loving parents about the importance of good self care. Your local library may have special apps for ebooks that you can use during your time at home with your child. Now is the time to spend lots of time reading, learning, and growing together with your child, and dental hygiene is no exception!

If you or your child find yourself in need of dental care, don’t hesitate to call your dental office to find out their policies and procedures regarding the current pandemic, and make a plan for any emergencies or urgent care you or your family may need.

If you need to consult with a dentist during this time about your current dental care needs, call our Alvin Dental Office to talk with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.