The Tooth Fairy is a time honored tradition we have loved since 1927 when she first appeared in a stage play. Although she isn’t as trendy as more recognizable fairies, she still holds a special place in many children’s hearts! But as time marches on, sometimes we need ideas to spice her up and make her fun for today’s children! Read on for tooth fairy ideas both new and old!

International Flair

In some countries, it is believed the new tooth will follow the direction of the old tooth, and so children are encouraged to throw their teeth on the roof, or on the ground, to encourage the new tooth to grow in the right direction.
In other countries, a little mouse is believed to retrieve teeth from places such as under pillows, from glasses full of water, or out of slippers, and to leave sweets or a prize behind for the lucky child!

Just a Little Sparkle

Who wants boring money anyway? Younger children may be charmed by “fairy money” they can save up or turn in for rewards and prizes. Easier on the wallet, just spray fake money or coins with adhesive and sprinkle with glitter. Children can turn this special “fairy money” in for small or large prizes as their teeth fall out!

What’s the Going Rate?

The average going rate for a lost tooth in 2019 was roughly $3.70! Of course each parent can determine what they want to sneak under their child’s pillow, but it seems the going rate is creeping away from jingly coins to crinkly paper! If the price is too steep, don’t be afraid to get creative with other tooth fairy ideas, but you can’t really go wrong with the classic cash under the pillow.

Tooth Pillow

To make it extra special and avoid losing precious teeth, one of the sweetest tooth fairy ideas is to help your child make a special “tooth” pillow by sewing a small pocket onto the front of a pillow that reflects their personality or interests! Place the tooth in the pocket when the time comes, ensuring it is never lost, and losing a tooth is extra special for your child.

Good Hygiene Can Be Exciting Too!

Who says money is the only prize the tooth fairy can leave behind? She may be invested in your child’s growing teeth, so maybe your tooth fairy leaves special toothbrushes, floss, or toothpaste! There are a lot of special products geared towards children’s interests and to encourage good dental hygiene. This win win prize ensures they’re invested in their own dental health, but also is an exciting way to celebrate a special milestone.

Message In a Bottle

Fairies are small, right? So maybe thank the tooth fairy for picking up those teeth with a special miniature note tucked inside a small bottle! This is one of the most unique and fun tooth fairy ideas.
These sweet memories will be fun to keep later, and a cute little tribute to your child’s growth over the years. Plus who doesn’t like tucking a little curled up note into a teeny bottle?

Party It Up!

Celebrate a lost tooth with a party! Order pizza or have a fun dinner! The whole family can celebrate together! Make it fun and memorable with something the whole family can contribute to and enjoy!

These tooth fairy ideas can really make it exciting for your child to move on to each new milestone as they grow their adult teeth, but what really will last throughout their lifetime and into adulthood is excellent dental care. Call our Alvin Dental Office today to set up a dental exam for your little one and let us help you give them a healthy start to their oral health, to set up for a lifetime of good dental habits!