Helping your kids maintain great dental hygiene is a tough task, but dental hygiene for kids is still an important part of parenting little ones, and you can do it!

Be Diligent

Starting when they’re small, wipe their gums with a soft washcloth after feeding. As they grow, involve them in the routine, making it into a game and a routine altogether. Help them learn the important aspects of brushing every night by encouraging the right tools, like a soft bristled brush and fluoridated toothpaste in small amounts. Also when teaching dental hygiene for kids, encourage persistence in brushing, using a song or game to make the two minutes go by quickly.

Teach Them Everything

Start flossing with your youngster once their teeth are touching. Help them by showing them, and giving them an opportunity to learn. For little hands, plackers can be easier than traditional floss.

Consider Special Circumstances

If your child has braces, teach them how to care for and maintain their braces, reducing breakage and damage to the braces. Provide them with healthy, braces friendly, foods to eat during the day, and encourage excellent dental hygiene for kids.
Also, give your child who plays sports the information they need to protect their teeth from injury, as well as the appropriate sized mouth guard.

Invest in Prevention

Talk to your dentist about what kind of preventative care is available, and whether or not your child will need sealants or other cavity fighting measures. Remember that the dentist is on your team, and feel free to ask them how they recommend you assist your child in achieving good dental hygiene for kids.

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