Although dry mouth is something we often associate as a minor symptom of anxiety or nervousness, it can be a real problem for oral health. Known as Xerostemia, dry mouth can affect tooth decay, encourage cavities, and be uncomfortable. So how can someone who is experiencing some dry mouth symptoms prevent dry mouth?

Avoid Dry Mouth Causing Items

Caffeine can be a culprit that encourages dry mouth, so choosing to prevent dry mouth can begin with an honest look at your diet and habits.Tobacco and alcohol can exacerbate dry mouth, even if the alcohol is an ingredient in mouthwash. Even more surprising, over the counter decongestants and antihistamines may worsen dry mouth. If you must use one of these, do so in moderation, and discuss with your dentist about any alternatives that you can try, such as a dry mouth specific mouthwash designed to support your needs.

Heading Off Cavities

Try also to avoid foods that can worsen risk of tooth decay, such as foods high in acid, like tomato based sauces and salsas. Or foods high in sugar, like sticky sugary treats. When you must indulge, be sure to enjoy your treats in healthy amounts, and chase them with sips of water and excellent oral hygiene.

Encourage Saliva Production

Sugar Free gum can assist in heading off that dry mouth by aiding in saliva production. But all of that is useless without a lot of hydrating drinks. Water is the best, both for oral health, and overall health. Drinking plenty of water can not only wash away food particles and debris, but it can also help aid in saliva production by providing your body with enough hydration to do the job well!

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