Many parents choose to go to a Pediatrician for their children’s medical care, and a pediatric dentist is no different! They have specific training for developmentally appropriate care, and specifical physical needs of developing children. Here are some reasons you may consider a Pediatric Dentist for your child

Specialized Care

A pediatric dentist is trained beyond what a general dentist will have been trained for pediatric needs. They will understand both the physical development of your child’s mouth, and how to treat them while considering the impact of that treatment as they grow. They can provide specific care for your child’s situation, and growth.

Developmentally Appropriate Environment

A pediatric dentist may also be a more enjoyable experience for your child. Since they are specialized for children, their office, environment, techniques and staff are geared specifically for children and their preferences, needs, and inclinations. The waiting room may be exciting and fun, and the way staff interact with and care for children will be informed by pediatric best practices. Even if you are not looking for a specialist, the experience alone may be worth it help your child look forward to and learn to love their dentist.

A General Dentist Referred Your Child

Sometimes although you may wish to stay with your general dentist who has an awareness of your family’s needs and knows your children well for their normal dental care, they may feel certain treatments need to be handled by a pediatric dentist. You can ask them for recommendations for a local pediatric specialist who they trust professionally to care for your child.

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